Few hours ago you bought domain and got a unique blog. The second step is more critical step that which topic is suitable for your blog. On which content the traffic more attracted towards your blog. This step is more critical step which you have to taken with sharpness of your mind.

I had been facing these challenges for a year when I start blogging. You have to be so conscious about choosing the content of the articles. I am using social media to promote my site.

It is common that whenever you write your first post in the blog you need loyal readers and followers. Nobody has time to waste if your post is unique attractive then the people attract to your blog and spend some time to read may be they follow your post
For becoming a successful blogger the thing which was needed SEO (Search Engine Optimization) this technique plays very important role in bringing the traffic towards your site. I want to share some of the SEO tips which help you to bring traffic on your blog.


You write for what? You write for the search engines as well as for the traffic. If your content is unique then search engines promoted your contents regularly. Search engines are like to place your blog on the top list of the SERPS. Use Google ad words keyword to promote your content and don’t use the keyword tools they are not related to you. You are performing well if your content is famous on the search engines


Google analytic is the best tools for analyzing. Google analytic tells you about the traffic which has visited your website. This is the game of few minutes. You can see all the stat of your site with the help of this.


This is the well known phrase ”SHARING IS CARING” it works well on social sharing sites Like Facebook, Twitter Etc. SEO is linked with social media sites. You have to create a page on social media sites so you can post your content on the social media. Promote on social media as well as on search engines.